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Blended Learning Reminders/ Announcement


Please make sure blended students and their guardians are reminded of the following protocols:

Blended Learning Reminders at a Glance 

To ensure that staff and students do not report to school if they have or potentially may have COVID-19 or are feeling ill, a health screening, including a temperature check, must be completed by all students, staff, and visitors before entering NYCDOE school facilities. Oral thermometers will be provided to all students’ families. This screening should be completed at home and must be completed each day.  

Upon entering the school facility, families/students will be asked to provide the results of their screening either by showing the email on their smartphone or a printout of the results. If students are not able to pre-screen using the online tool, schools must provide families with several copies of the health-screening questionnaire so families can complete the questionnaire at home.  Any individual who needs to complete the health screening in-person will undergo a temperature check. Any individual entering the building can be subject to a temperature check. 

If a student fails a health screening or shows symptoms of COVID-19, the guardian of the student must be immediately contacted and advised to pick up the child.  The student must be taken to the appropriate room (room 205 or room 200), and to wait for the guardian to arrive.  If the guardian cannot be reached, the school must contact the emergency contacts on the student’s Blue Card.  

If a student has a fever or is presenting any Covid-19 like symptoms, the BRT will be activated and all precautions will be followed.  

Students are assigned to classrooms (pods) and modifications are not to be made unless approved by an administrator. 

Masks are available at the front desk for students who do not have an approved mask. The DOE is not allowing bandanas, neck coverings or masks with vents. 

Support staff will assist with morning entry, greet students, and ensure all social distancing protocols are followed. Students will go through the lunchroom where they will be able to take a grab and go breakfast to the classroom. Stairwell B (located in the lunchroom) is the “Up” stairwell. All students must use this stairwell to go upstairs. All students must use stairwell A (Next to Mr. Stern’s room) to go “Down.” The middle stairwells that connect the second floor and the main lobby will not be available for students. 

Only one student should leave the room at a time to use the bathroom or get a drink of water. Students will be reminded to practice social distancing when going to the bathrooms (only two students are allowed to be in the bathroom at a time on the third floor and only one student at a time on the first floor). There is one pass per room. 

If a student requests to see a counselor or any member of our support staff, the teacher must call that specific staff member. The staff member will come to the classroom to take the student to the designated area. Staff directories are located near each classroom phone. Students under no circumstances should be allowed to wander into another classroom. Students not feeling well must be brought to the nurse. 

Support staff will assist with classroom monitoring in between periods to give teachers time to transition from one classroom (pod) to the other. 

Laptops will be available to students if they do not come with their iPad. The teacher assigned to the classroom (pod) upon a student’s arrival for the day will be responsible for signing out a laptop to that student. The last teacher assigned to the classroom (pod) will be responsible for collection of the laptop. Laptops will be sanitized (wiped down daily), however as an added layer of protection, please encourage students to wipe down the laptop both at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day (wipes are available in every room). Laptops should never leave the room unless under the direct supervision of a staff member. Teachers are responsible for ensuring laptops that are signed for in the morning are returned at the end of the day (signage should be kept in the laptop carts). Students will not share headphones. Headphones will be stored in individualized plastic baggies that will be given out in the mornings and collected at the end of the day. Students should be encouraged to wipe down headphones daily. 

Students will receive direct support with assignments by content specific teachers when in class. 

The schedule includes a half hour (11:50 – 12:20) for student lunch while students participate in socio-emotional activities with support staff. All students will remain in their assigned pods during lunch. Lunch will be brought upstairs to the third floor. No modifications should be made without administrative approval. Staff should wear face shields when student are eating. 

Cell phones will be brought to each classroom (pod) before dismissal and students will be dismissed one classroom (pod) at a time. 

Teachers should take time to review safety mask and social distancing protocols with students. 

All staff are expected to wear masks and practice social distancing protocols. 

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